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Doris Romano

"Our hearts are all a little broken in their own way, but even dandelions bloom in the cracks of hard spaces."

Book cover of The Mysteries of Life, Love & Loss by Doris Romano

About the Book

Every relationship has a story to tell. "So, how did the two of you meet?" seems like a simple enough question, but Doris Romano has always found it difficult to tell the truth about how she met her husband to those inquiring for fear of being judged and misunderstood. What if your story is a complex manifestation of a meeting owed to other meetings and other lives, a vast series of traumatic events, the result of a million sacred moments strung together? What if you accept that some mysteries cannot be unraveled and understood and instead embrace a future that lies in the space between certainty and trust? Both bizarre and stunning, incredulous and magical, The Mysteries of Life, Love & Loss: A Memoir follows Romano's relationship journey bound in the pages of stories that answer that simple question, but this time, told within a container large enough to hold space for the heightened wonder of a finely tuned Universe and a belief in the Divine.


About the Author

Doris Romano wants to live in a world where kindness is currency, “thank you” notes are scribbled by hand, and conversations are held more than devices. After many years as a registered nurse and holistic nutritionist, she’s come to learn that, sometimes, the best medication is a heaping dose of self-love. When she is not reading in her favorite coffee shop, Doris spends most of her time baking for her family and friends from the menu of her imaginary B&B. She lives in Toronto with her husband Riccardo. The Mysteries of Life, Love & Loss: A Memoir is Doris' first book.

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